Dispelling Myths about Modular Homes

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In addition to site built homes, CornerStone Homes sells state-code modular homes. In order to help potential home buyers our staff thought it would be best if we took some time to dispel some of the myths that people have about modular homes/

Sometimes when people hear the word modular home they assume one is talking about a trailer. While mobile home trailers still exist, mainly in manufactured home communities or trailer parks, modular homes can be placed on a plot of land in just about every neighborhood.

Unlike the trailers of years ago, modular homes are designed to be placed on a permanent foundation. Modular homes sit on a crawlspace or basement and not a steel chassis. Plus, Modular homes have a better resale value than manufactured homes. 

Myth: It is difficult to finance a Modular building

Fact: Modular buildings are treated in much the same way as a traditional stick built building when it comes to financing. Modular homes are different than mobile homes which depreciate.  In many cases Modular homes take less time to construct which could result in thousands of dollars of savings for home buyers. 

Myth: Modular homes only lose value

Fact: Modular homes gain value in the same way that site-built homes do.  In many instances it is impossible to tell the difference between a modular home and a stick built home.  As mentioned before, modular homes are different than mobile homes which do not appreciate in value.

Myth: Modular home are not built to last

Fact: It seems difficult to believe that a building could appreciate in value and yet not be built to last. This thought is wrong and again is associated with mobile homes. Many modular homes from decades ago still exist today and their value has only continued to grow. 

Myth: Modular homes all look alike

Fact: As with many other dealers, all of CornerStone Homes new state-code homes are able to be customized. Anything from windows, doors to rooms can be moved. CornerStone Homes has worked with numerous customers who have requested alterations to floorplans. Even the outside of the home can be altered with the inclusion of porches or garages or even elevation changes. Modular homes can have all of the same items placed on their exterior as site built homes.