Stop Renting, Buy a NEW Home

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Stop Renting. The current housing market for renters is difficult. Not enough homes, and the ones that exist either put a strain on your budget or leave a lot to be desired.

Buying a new state code Modular Home from CornerStone Homes of Leesburg, Indiana, is one way to get out of the renting cycle.

Stop Renting. Home prices rise over time, meaning if you buy now you are making an investment on your future. Plus, you have ownership of something and the equity within it. 

Another reason to buy a home is that it locks you in. You do not have to worry about a lease, or the rent going up. Instead you are the owner and can design it as you please rather than how someone else desires. Did we mention that you get to set the rules on pets?

Stop Renting. Ranch, Two Story and Cape Cod floorplans are available. Don’t see one you like or have your own in mind? We can custom design that too! Conventional, FHA and VA loan options available. Contact us for more details!

CornerStone Homes & Construction is located on State Road 13 at the intersection of 400 N. Visit us online at or give us a call at 260-918-1777.